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Troy Johnson - Agronomist

Troy Johnson - YP Ag Yorketown - Farm software Australia - Precision agriculture - DecipherAg


  • Easy-to-use and inexpensive
  • Identify and address variability
  • Assist clients regardless of where they are on the PA and nutrition journey
  • Assist in making informed decisions


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Yorketown, South Australia
DecipherAg, DecipherGO

One of the biggest challenges we face is the variability of the paddocks – soil types are very variable from shallow stones to quite good deep soils. We’ve gone back through historical NDVI’s and compared them against yield maps and protein maps from the growers harvester. Using Decipher’s Zoning and Sampling tools,  we’ve been able to drill down on some areas of interest and basically ground-truth them through soil testing with a georeferenced map. In some of those areas we’ve been able to cut back the fertiliser rates down to zero because the phosphorus levels have just been off the scale.”