Start building precision agriculture into your farming operations

Regardless of where you are on the precision agriculture and farm nutrition journey, Decipher can help. Decipher starts with the basics and puts the foundations in place, making the step to apply precision agriculture into your business, an easy one.

Decipher Nutrition Growth Diagram

With farm insights as they happen and in-depth sample analysis, you can stop spending money on nutrition application in areas you don’t need to and watch your business’ value grow. Decipher enables farmers to make informed and profitable decisions across the entire nutrition cycle.

Make your data work for you

You’ve been collecting vast amounts of data about your land for a number of years, but may have struggled to pull it all together and effectively utilise it to make informed decisions. Whether you’re starting with a little or a lot of nutrition data, with everything in one place, DecipherAg will help you decode complex agricultural information into simple answers that you can easily put into action on your farm.

  • Overlay your own data and sampling results onto the Decipher map
  • Draw or import your own farm boundaries to see the most relevant data for you
  • Navigate with a familiar Google Maps base
  • Add your own notes, pins and boundary lines to your map
  • Easily manage data files from multiple sources
  • Share and collaborate on your data across your business and beyond
  • Supports KML, KMZ and Shape files
  • Up to 1GB data storage
Nutritional insights from the ground up

Fertilisers represent a significant expense for growers each season, and can comprise up to 30 percent of farm expenditure, therefore it’s important to get the best return from your dollar invested, and use the right fertiliser, and the right amount in the right location.

DecipherAg’s seamless soil and plant sampling process, along with DecipherGO, makes it easy to plan sample jobs, collect samples, submit to any laboratory, view and analyse results on the map, and create nutrition plans.

  • Easily plan sample jobs by selecting representative sample sites from biomass imagery, management zones, yield, and other data layers
  • Assign the job, or collect samples with DecipherGO by navigating to the site, collect, and scan the bag
  • Send the sample job to our partner lab CSBP, or any laboratory of your choice
  • View and analyse your results plotted on the Decipher map to quickly see and compare nutrient levels across your sites and paddocks
  • Create a informed crop and nutrition plan with our Plans feature


Have your own sample data? Just import to Decipher with our easy-to-use data upload tool

Did you know?

  • There are approximately 85,681 farm businesses in Australia
  • Each Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people, 150 at home and 450 overseas
  • Average farm debt of Australian grain farms increased by 7% in 2016-2017 to $913,000
  • Farmers care for 48% of Australia’s landmass
  • Australia grows 93% of our own food supply
  • Australia is the 6th most food secure nation on Earth
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